WoodWool art

– New Year’s toys
Producers of Christmas decorations all over the world have long appreciated the benefits of wood fiber, packaging their products in boxes with clean wood wool. And you can be sure your fragile Christmas toys sleep comfortably in NITC wood chips, waiting for them decorate the Christmas tree brought in from the cold.

– soft toys
Famous throughout the world, Teddy Bear (Teddy Bear) filled with wood wool exclusively since 1954. For children, soft toys – it’s the best of friends with whom they spend most of their time – falling asleep in an embrace with her plush pets. With this in mind, we offer you as a filler for toys – wood wool. This product is very mild pleasant smell and does not cause allergies. You care not only about children, but also for the environment.

– Decorating stores, salons
Storefront is bound to be beautiful and to embody the most modern trends, otherwise it will not be able to attract the attention of buyers and maintain a decent image. TM offers WoodWool issue showcase elements of wood wool are not limited to your imagination! With a rich color palette of wood “thread” your items will appear in the best possible way. In addition, only a presentable and unusual interior is able to convince a person to go to the store and make a purchase.

– Pillows
Bulk wool – perfect for stuffing pillows. Due to its remarkable natural properties and processing of high-tech process, wood fibers -Unique innovation. Clean stuffing for pillows does not cause allergies, it does not zavedutsya variety of pests (dust mites, etc.), as in pen filler. These bedding will give its owners a cozy, comfortable and healthy sleep.

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