Wood wool in natural wax flammable – a unique product for a fire effectively. As a result, you can easily and effortlessly enjoy a pleasant crackling logs winter evenings or well-done steak on the grill. This is an original product will appreciate all fishermen and hunters! In anticipation of a successful trophy will no longer need to freeze, spending matches on fire naughty or sensitive to startle the animal smell of petrol, and the forest will remain safe and sound, if you use a cord of wood wool! To quickly order products Ognev fill out our online-application form and we will contact you to clarify details.

Our company is actively developing its dealer network. We offer favorable conditions of cooperation for potential instigators OGNEV dealers. Our company is ready to cooperate on more favorable terms with partners focused on standing order for a long period of time. If you are interested, we will be happy to discuss with you the terms of our mutual cooperation and to start the real work in the near future.

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